QR Codes

This image may look a little strange to some of you: Introducing QR codes

QR code stands for Quick Response, and it works rather like a barcode for your mobile phone. QR codes have been around for a while and were initially used to mark inventory in factories. Now, however, they’re used to show mobile users various things. Now, they are used to get more traffic to your mobile website, coupon offer, video, text message opt-in list or many other marketing media. QR codes essentially bridge the gap between offline and online media.

The technology allows you to scan the code using your Smartphone’s camera lens Depending on how the code is programmed, one of many different things can happen.

QR codes can:

  • Take you to a URL
  • Show a text message
  • Show a map location
  • Show a phone number for customers and prospects to call

You’re seeing these codes spring up everywhere from fast food chains, popular soft drink bottles and cans as well as flyers, tickets and business cards.

The beauty of these codes is they hold the information you want them to and allow anyone with a QR scanner on their phone (many are inbuilt into the devices or can be downloaded free as apps) to quickly scan the code and get information.

One of the other reasons these are so very good to use is because they add an element of suspense: People are intrigued about what they’ll find behind the code.

To get a glimpse of how QR Codes work, scan the code above. If you don’t already have a free scanning app on your phone, below is a link to one that should work with your mobile device:

Blackberry & Nokia Phones: Have QR Code scanner built in.

For Windows Mobile, Android & IPhone, download the free i-nigma Reader.

Here’s how QR codes can work to drive business for a few different industries:

QR Codes Make Real Estate Easier for Sellers and Buyers

Increase Exposure for Used and New Car Sales

Make It Easy for Shoppers to Find Out About Your Products

We integrate free QR Codes with all the mobile websites we create. For information on having us create other QR codes for your business, please contact us.